All of our juices are extracted using a Hydraulic Press.

First, our produce is sourced within 200 miles of our central kitchen. This produce is immediately put in a refrigerator that is kept at precisely 36 degrees, the optimal temperature for freshness and stability, avoiding deterioration of nutrients, and preserving live enzymes.

To prepare the fruits and vegetables for juicing, they go through a meticulous wash process. The produce is soaked in cold water (our main water line uses a reverse osmosis filtration system), and than rinsed thoroughly. The produce, now in a perfect state, is ready for production.

The juice is then extracted using a Hydraulic Press, the machine invented by Dr. Norman Walker, who revolutionized the juicing industry’s method of juice extraction. Unlike commonly used centrifugal and masticating juicers, which heat and aerate the juice by grinding the fruits and vegetables to a pulp at high speeds without completely yielding all of the juice, our hydraulic presses maintain the temperature of the produce and limit oxidation by exerting thousands of pounds of pressure very slowly and completely.

This process is not as taxing on the cell walls of fruits and vegetables. By maintaining the integrity of the plants’ cellular structure, the cold press method yields the purest form of extracted juice with the highest density of nutrients and flavor. This means you get all of the vital nutrients the whole plant has to offer.

In the final step, we bottle our juices in glass because it retains the flavor of the juice and is the safest material to drink from (glass does not degrade or leach chemicals). Each bottle is topped off to limit oxidation and avoid degradation of the juice, thus preserving the juice’s nutrients and live enzymes. Limited oxidation also extends shelf life, meaning that even though we make our juice fresh every day, they will last in your refrigerator for up to three days after purchase while still remaining in the most nutrient-available state.