Our Story


Before there was ever a Juice Shop, we were just was a family taking care of each other. It didn’t start as an entrepreneurial endeavor, but rather a solution to a challenge.

    It all began in 1998 when, as a freshman in high school, I (Charlie Gulick, co-founder and oldest brother) returned from a surfing trip in Central America experiencing painful symptoms that interfered with my daily routine. After four years, many misdiagnoses, and countless unsuccessful surgeries, including the (unnecessary) removal of my gall bladder, I finally received the correct diagnosis.

    Turns out I had contracted a rare liver condition called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC). Told that I would have to endure a lifetime of endoscopic procedures and ultimately a liver transplant, my family and I felt we had no choice but to look for an alternative approach.

    Fortunately I was introduced to the world-renowned Hippocrates Health Institute. I was placed on a strict regimen of raw vegan food, with an emphasis on detoxification through juicing. The results showed immediately, not only in how I felt (my symptoms had vanished), but in blood analysis as well (my liver functions were back to normal). When I returned home after a six weeks, in a supportive move that I am incredibly grateful for, my entire family decided to support and commit to my newfound health lifestyle.

    After a year of being symptom-free, my doctors were nothing short of amazed, calling it a “miraculous recovery.” It’s been close to a decade since I saw the inside of a surgery room and I’ve never felt better.

    The biggest challenge was going to be maintaining the strict regimen at home. So, when Charlie returned from Hippocrates, our family came together and committed to eating raw foods and drinking juice daily. Doing some of the grocery shopping, helping with the juicing, learning new recipes, and applying it all to our own diets was a way that we could relieve some of the pressure and support Charlie so that he could focus his energies on healing. Our mom always reminds us that this experience was a blessing in disguise because while it was traumatic, in the end it not only brought our family closer together and taught us some solid life lessons at a young age, but it also transformed into a source of passion for health and juicing.

Today, Juice Shop is three brothers–Charlie, Ben, and Jake Gulick–plus Charlie’s wife Lina. We feel incredibly lucky to be able to run a business with our family. We share our story to encourage others to come to us with theirs, and because juicing allowed us to face our own health challenges, we are better prepared to help others in their paths towards whole health.

We believe that food has the power to transform your life. We’ve experienced this first-hand and now we want to bring these benefits to you.